I lost my matric certificate. How do I get a new matric certificate?

So, you’ve lost your matric certificate and now you need it. Having your matric certificate reissued is not difficult. Try one of the following:

  • Phone the national Department of Basic Education in Pretoria. Have your ID number and exam number handy and ask them to send you the necessary forms to have it reissued.
  • Phone your local Department of Basic Education. Provide the necessary details such as your ID, school you attended, year you matriculated and exam number.
  • Contact Umalusi. They will advise you to apply for a replacement certificate at the Assessment Body where you wrote the exam i.e. either a provincial department of education or the IEB or the Onafhanklike Afrikaanse Eksamenraad (previously BCVO). You need to send an affidavit with your application.


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